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Certified Envelope Laser Form (CMF-076)

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One of our most popular items, the Envelope Laser Form is patented and available only from USA Images. This simple fold-over form combines the USPS® PS 3800 Label and the PS 3811 Return Receipt card into one convenient envelope for Certified Mail®. The #11-sized Certified Mail® envelope holds a standard #10 business envelope and eliminates the need to utilize multiple forms. Or better yet, forego your envelope and place your documents directly in the secure pouch.

The envelope is 8-½” by 11” sheet compatible for self-printing and even generates the Article Number and barcode associated with the individual mail piece. While preparing this Certified Mail® envelope for printing, you have the option to include your return address or affix an auxiliary label. For additional time savings, you may want to eliminate a step and order these envelopes with your return address pre-printed. We can include your logo and other customizations per your request.

This product is a great choice for small to medium volumes and is ideal if you have several documents to include in your Certified Mail® envelope. Return Receipt card is required.

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