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Apr 052016

USPS Postage Decreases for the first time since 1919

For almost a century, it was unheard of for the price of a stamp to be decreased by even 1 cent. 131 years ago was the last time for a 2 cent reduction on a stamp to occur. But come April 10th, 2016; we will see a different change than we are used to seeing. As a result of the ending of the Postal Regulatory Commission’s two year agreement with the USPS, which allowed them to add a 4.3% surcharge to postage rates, postage rates are being reduced. The surcharge was allowed to be implemented back in 2014 to help recover lost income over the time of the Great Recession. This doesn’t mean that the USPS wants to lower postage rates though, their annual increases are still included in the new rates after the surcharge was removed. According to the press, they expect to add $2 billion to their losses over the next year because of this postage decrease. And unless Congress can pass another agreement, they have no choice but to remove the surcharge…until next year at least.

At the link below, you can see the history of domestic letter postage rates starting all the way back in 1863 up until today.


On April 10, 2016, the following changes will occur:

  • First Class Letters postage stamps will decrease to $0.47
  • First Class Letters Metered Mail will decrease to $0.465
  • Certified Mail will decrease to $3.30
  • Return Receipt (Form 3811) will decrease to $2.70
  • Return Receipt (Electronic) will decrease to $1.35
  • Registered Mail (Minimum) will decrease to $11.70
  • Restricted Delivery will decrease to $4.95
  • Postcard rates will decrease to $0.34

          These are just a few of the changes!

Please visit http://pe.usps.com/ under Spring 2016 Rollback Pricing Files to see all the changes.

Note for USAMailer users:

Users currently using our USAMailer desktop software, please make sure you go to Admin Tools à Settings à Extra Services and update the fees to the new fees on April 10th. Our online users need not do anything.

Jan 282016
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